Key Online Tools for your Small Business

April 14, 20190

Do you know that technology can be used by small business owners to leverage limited capital in a smarter and more effective way? In many cases, technology gives room for greater efficiency and versatility in small businesses.

Online tools refer to programs that can be assessed through the internet to enhance the smooth running of a particular aspect of business.

The use of online tools has help revolutionise the running of small businesses. On the internet, there are now platforms that complete tasks at a cheaper and more efficient rate than the average worker.

Also, tasks can be completed faster than usual.

There are thousands (if not millions) of online tools on the internet and they can be used for a whole lot of things, from sorting out emails to handling human resource issues.

We would be taking a look at so tools that would be effective of the optimization of internal and external processes of your business.


Internal Processes


Hiring process: Do you know that there is software available on the internet that can help you choose your staff?

There are hundreds of these available on the internet. And the way they work is distinct from the other.

Some of them assess and analyse pre-employment credentials like work samples, cognitive ability tests and job knowledge tests and helps you select the best worker, based on logistics for example Athena Quotient (AQ). Others like Hireselect, Skillsarena and Testdome are programs that that actually give cognitive tests.

Some tools are career specific.
For example, Testdome and Codility were specifically designed to test the ability of programmers while Objective Management Group (OMG) is well known for sales assessment.

Employee logistics management: Online tools like SAP Business ByDesign help streamline business operations for medium and small sized companies.

Project management: Tools like Wrike, Asana, Monday, Taskworld and Basecamp are online tools that are reputed detail-attentive task control that are extremely collaborative in nature.


External Processes


Sales and Marketing: There are tools that would save you time and money while upping your marketing game. Some of the include Ahrefs, Buffer and Crazy Egg.

Client onboarding: There are tools available that can help shape your clients experience with you by teaching them how to use your products, what offers are available and collecting information that would serve as guidelines for you for the improvement of your services. Software like, AppCues and Tutorialize are examples of tools that were designed specifically for this purpose.

Client communications: Getting feedback complaints and suggestions from customers is good for business and there are tools that can handle this. Call centre software like Talkdesk and Aircal can be used to communicate with clients through telephone while email and live chat-based software like and Liveperson respectively.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): There are also tools that help collect and manage the interactions between your business and customers. This can help you know how successful your marketing strategy were. Examples include ZohoCRM, Salesforce and Hubspot.


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